Bonus Club

Bonus Club

Easy to use, free to join

Our Bonus Club rewards you every time you shop with us. There’s no minimum amount to spend, or extra hoops to jump through. You just get points you can use to buy your groceries with. It’s as easy as that!

Each time you scan your card, we give you points which you can use in store to take off your groceries. You can save your points up to use on a special occasion, or use them more frequently to cover those 11th hour bottle of milk. You can also opt to donate a portion of your points to our charity Let’s Make Better, where we will use them to assist charitable organisations such as the RSPCA or Riding for the Disabled.

You can also join our email newsletter where you can stay up to date with our charitable activities from Let’s Make Better, as well as receiving exclusive offers straight to your inbox. 

Sign up today by asking your cashier for a Bonus Card next time you’re in store and start getting rewarded today!